Art Fairy on the Bay, LLC

  • About A special site for all artists, photographers, illustators, writers, bloggers, and a place to advertize your work.
  • The site is to benefit artists of all medias by helping them with a generous discount, featuring a new artist every week and telling their story.
  • Allowing artists to sell their work for a small and very reasonable fee.
  • A place for artists to sell their work who dont have a site.
  • Photographers and Writers can sell their photo’s and books
  • A place to find references to find places they may need to purchase something I dont or cant sell
  • A place to purchase every possible art, writing, photography, and crafting supplies
  • A place where people can find handmade unique items and accessories
  • A place for artists to post D.Y.I.’s or sell How to videos or patterns and connect with other artists of all media’s for tips
  • A place that will continue to grow so that it becomes a one stop site for the majority of  all artists needs
  • A place for guilds all over to post their calenders of events
  • A place to hold a class or group discussion
  • Most of all being a part of this site not only will benefit all artists of all media’s, but a percentage of the sales will be donated to the non profit charity I founded called

Special Angels Protecting Children, Inc.

This is a non profit to give children a voice and a choice! The money will be used to have a lobbyist change the grandparents rights laws. 

Many children are being emotionally hurt by young parents using the child as a pawn. When the grandparents say or do something the vengeful and “its my way or the highway” parents of your grandchild or grandchildren that have been enjoying time with you, and share a very loving and close relationship with you, can be severed completely by these immature children of the grandparents, not even caring what it does emotionally to the child or children. 

You may have a child that needs direction and the experience you may have to help them parent the grandchild or grandchildren, and because you arent supplying the parents with a life of luxury or supplying their drug habit, all of a sudden they are punishing you and yoyr grandchild or grandchilreb by cutting off all visits, holudays, birthdays, even telephone commuication.

A child is a part of an entire family and most childrens fondest memories are times spent with their grandparents. Grandparents have made their mistakes and learned from them and grandparents area great source of advice and help, with a lot of love put in it.

I also would like to start building childrens villages where there are art classes and different kinds of hobbies they can learn, along with being a beautiful place that has an indoor outdoor park with trees and nature where the parents and or the grandparents can even help with the villiage garden or if a judge orders temporary supervised visits , it woud be such a beautiful place to do it and participate with professional councelors there if the children need a nuetral person to talk to. Thats basically the start of it. Its all meant to help children in many ways. 

I am looking for board members if anyone is interested in taking this journey with me. Eventually stock will be sold for both Art Fairy on the Bay and Special Angels Protecting Children.

Also, I am looking for artists who make unique findings and also photographers, writers, and any other artists who are willing to post their work for sale on the site. You will be helping a very good cause at the same time!

You can email me at or notify me here. Thank you with the sincerest of gratitude and love! Lizzie

If you would like to make a donation, no matter how small, the non profit is on GoFundMe. Its so much appreciated!!❤️


Author: lizzieartfairy

Im a multimedia artist who also loves photography, writing and being a humanitarian! I love children and helping others!

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